Tell Your State Representative to Protect Private Property Rights, Oppose SB14-093

You have until Tuesday, March 18th to have your voice heard!

In 2012 the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that oil pipeline companies do not have eminent domain over private property. The result: for pipelines to enter private property, the pipeline company must first obtain the private landowner’s consent.

This ruling is consistent with our property rights laws and provides private landowners and municipalities control over their property and any potential pipeline development on such property. Pipeline companies are not satisfied with this result and are currently working to get Senate Bill 14-093 passed so they have access to private and municipal property without having to get the property owner’s consent. The upshot of Senate Bill 14-093 is that it would allow for-profit companies to make a profit from using private property for pipelines, regardless of owner consent. SB 14-093 would also allow companies to place pipelines in environmentally sensitive areas and even near schools!

We have learned from a history of spills and leaks that pipelines are not suitable everywhere. This is an important lesson that SB 14-093 ignores. Property owners deserve the continued right to negotiate pipeline placement or to even reject a pipeline on her property. Tell your representative to oppose SB 14-093 and stand for property right protection and municipal control over pipeline placement in Colorado!

Make sure your representative knows to oppose SB 14-093!