High Country Conservation Advocates is asking you to comment on proposed coal leases that would allow Arch Coal to construct roads, drill pads and climate-polluting methane vents in the Sunset Roadless Area.

Tell the U.S. Forest Service that you oppose bulldozing our roadless forests to mine for coal!

The Forest Service is accepting comments until April 12th on coal lease modificationsthat would allow bankrupt Arch Coal – America’s second largest coal company – to develop roads, almost 50 drill pads, and methane vents in Gunnison County’s Sunset Roadless Area. More than 100,000 people have already spoken up to stop a loophole in the Colorado Roadless Rule that would allow significant expansion of coal mining in Gunnison County. Now we have another opportunity to stop a specific coal lease modification from moving forward.

The 5,000-acre Sunset Roadless Area in the Gunnison National Forest is a place worth protecting. It provides crucial winter habitat for big game herds, denning areas for the threatened Canada lynx, and watersheds that support populations of imperiled Colorado River cutthroat trout. Allowing coal mine expansion there will damage a pristine area now enjoyed by hunters and hikers, and will worsen climate change—all to benefit one of the dirtiest forms of power and a bankrupt coal company.

We urge you to tell the Forest Service that it shouldn’t allow Arch Coal to reap profits while adding huge amounts of climate pollution to our atmosphere, all at the expense of wild, roadless forests and threatened wildlife. The Sunset Roadless Area’s wildlife and recreation values are more important than bulldozing the landscape to access dirty coal.

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Let’s keep the Sunset Roadless Area roadless, and let’s keep coal in the ground!