BLM’s Methane Waste and Prevention Rule at Risk

We expect the Senate this week to vote on whether to rescind the BLM’s Methane Waste and Prevention Rule. This rule stops waste and prevents pollution from oil and gas development on public lands by requiring that industry capture and recover methane, rather than vent or flare it into the atmosphere. The rule makes environmental sense, as methane is a potent greenhouse gas. It also makes economic sense, as more than $330M in gas is wasted each year on public lands at taxpayer expense.

Sen. Gardner’s vote on rescinding this rule will be critical to its survival or failure. Can you call to Sen. Gardner’s office in Denver at 303-391-5777 this week to ask him to not rescind the BLM’s methane rule? This common sense rule is good for the environment, good for governance, and good for taxpayers.

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