Join us for our summer installation of the Environmental Possibilities Series on select Sundays throughout the summer at The Guild, in Crested Butte. These FREE presentations and inspired discussions are brought to you ​in collaboration from High Country Conservation Advocates and Western State Colorado University. All are welcome. Please join us.


On July 26th, Melanie Armstrong, Assistant Professor in the Masters of Environmental Management Program at Western State Colorado University and author of Germ Wars: The Politics of Nature and America’s Landscape of Fear, will present: “Environmental Micro[be]-management: How big ideas about small creatures are shaping our world,” from 5-6 pm. Melanie teaches courses on Integrative Land Management and Sustainable & Resilient Communities in the Master in Environmental Management Program (MEM) at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison.


On August 23rd, Jonathan Coop, Assistant Professor in Biology and Environment & Sustainability, will present “The end of the world as we know it: Thresholds of resilience and transformation in ecological systems.” His teaching and research interests revolve around the ecology, conservation, and restoration of plant communities and landscapes in the southern Rocky Mountains. He teaches introductory and advanced courses in biology and environmental studies and leads many field trips to wild places near and far. Research themes include how disturbance regimes, climate, and spatially-structured abiotic gradients interact to shape diversity, community composition, and landscape dynamics; human influences on ecological systems; and management for a future of certain change but of an uncertain direction and magnitude. He will present from 5-6 pm at The Guild, 21 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte.


On September 20th, Environmental Attorney, Suzanne Ewy, Coldharbour Chair for Environment and Sustainability at WSCU and the Executive Director of Coldharbour will present “Engaging ‘The Other’ – Race, Political Identity, and Industry.” Suzanne is a fourth generation Coloradoan, born on Lookout Mountain in a small cabin in January.  Raised in Boulder, she was educated in Paris, Switzerland, Durango, Seattle, Vermont.  She holds a JD from Seattle University School of Law and an MSL (Environmental Law) from Vermont Law School.  Her BS comes from Fort Lewis in Durango.  She has done salmon research on the Kenai Peninsula and practiced law in Colorado and Alaska (including several years in Barrow). Suzanne ran the Orient Land Trust in the San Luis Valley for three years.  Presently, she is the Coldharbour Chair for Environment and Sustainability at WSCU and the Executive Director of Coldharbour. She will present from 5-6 pm at The Guild, 21 Elk Avenue, Crested Butte.



July 26th | August 23rd | September 20th 

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