As you may have heard in this past week’s Gunnison Times and Crested Butte News, Executive Director Greg Dyson will be departing HCCA. Below, is a letter from Greg as well as a letter from Board President, Rob Burnett on the decision. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at We will continue to update our members, as news develops on our Executive Director position.

A Letter from Rob

Dear Editor,

The last one and one-half years have been a busy time in the story of High Country Conservation Advocates and the ongoing effort to protect Red Lady and the water that flows from her.  During that time the organization and the community have been fortunate to have Executive Director, Greg Dyson, leading discussions with U.S. Energy and the endeavor to find a permanent solution to the threat of the mine.  Now a new chapter is unfolding for HCCA with Greg’s resignation and plan to return to Denver.  The Board of Directors thanks Greg for his hard work and commitment to our mission, and wish him well.  He will no doubt continue to be a formidable force in the arena of environmental advocacy.

Greg has left good tracks and his Red Lady work is being placed in the very qualified hands of HCCA’s Public Lands Program Director, Alli Melton.  Alli has proven herself more than capable of stepping into this role and the Board is confident she will do a great job.

Any decision regarding a new Executive Director will await the Board and staff taking this opportunity to look closely at what organizational structure will best contribute to the future success of what has been a 37 year journey to protect Red Lady, along with our other conservation programs.

Thanks for your support,


Board President, High Country Conservation Advocates  

Greg Dyson

A Letter from Greg

Dear Editor,

I wish to thank the entire community for the opportunity to have been High Country Conservation Advocates’ Executive Director this last year and a half.  And I especially wish to thank the many HCCA supporters for your dedication to the important work HCCA does.  For those of you who aren’t supporters, I hope you will be soon.  The work HCCA performs benefits the entire community, whether it is helping to ensure there is enough water flowing in the Slate River, or protecting the community and Mt. Emmons from a molybdenum mine.

I took the ED position at HCCA after seeing what an amazing area the Gunnison Country is.  Yet, even though both my wife and I truly enjoy the Gunnison Country, my wife still had to work in Denver.  Thus, part of my hiring agreement was to split my time between Crested Butte and Denver.  It became clear recently that this arrangement was not working for some in the organization, and as a result I have submitted my resignation, effective at the end of June.  I have been working with the board for the last month to ensure a smooth transition, and they are moving forward with their characteristic dedication.

There is only one place like this; therefore we must do all in our power to protect it.  When it comes to protecting the public lands that make this place so special, HCCA will continue to lead the charge.  I will be watching from not too far away, and look forward to returning to this place I have come to know and love.

Greg Dyson
HCCA Executive Director