H.J. Resolution 44 – Congress Wants to Undermine the Public’s Role in Public Lands Planning

On February 7, 2017, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to kill a federal rule that gives Americans more of a voice in large-scale planning for projects on public land, including 8.4 million acres in Colorado. H.J. Resolution 44 would end the BLM’s “Planning 2.0” rule, a rule that strengthens the public’s role in public lands management. The action to kill the rule was launched by House Republicans, including Rep. Scott Tipton of Colorado. For Colorado and Gunnison County, the impact of a rollback of the BLM planning rule is potentially huge. Planning 2.0 provides opportunities for the public to engage in land use plans as they are being developed, increases public involvement, and incorporates the best available science to decide whether and where logging, mining and other activities happen on public land.

What Can You Right Now? Call Senator Gardner ((202) 224-5941 or (970) 241-2499) and ask him to vote against any companion bill to H.J. Resolution 44 that is introduced in the Senate.