H.R. 865 – Bad for our Forests and Bad for Public Process

Rep. McClintock (R-CA), chair of the House subcommittee on federal lands, has introduced a bill, H.R. 865, to create a categorical exclusion for logging of federal lands where the governor has declared an insect and disease emergency. The most nefarious part of the bill would provide a categorical exclusion (CE) for timber sales that would be expected to generate revenue to offset the cost of the insect and disease-related logging. The CE for revenue-generating sales apparently could be used anywhere in the country, so people in Gunnison County could someday be surprised to see their favorite forest clear-cut without environmental review or public involvement because it was needed to pay for some logging of infested trees in California! This is the legislative equivalent of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

What Can You Do Right Now? Contact Senator Bennet ((202) 224-5852 or (303) 455-7600) and Senator Gardner ((202) 224-5941 or (970) 241-2499)and ask them to oppose H.R. 865 because it is bad for Colorado forests and bad for public process.