Featured Photo: Lydia Stern

Fresh snow, colorful sunrises, shortening days…the changing of the seasons seemed to come quickly this year, but it always brings a time of reflection. Looking back on this year, we were faced with serious new challenges and threats to our public lands and rivers, but there are also many positive developments to reflect on as well. From increased community collaboration through efforts like watershed management planning to the Paradise Cleanup day and many 40-year anniversary celebrations for HCCA, thank you for your involvement and for taking a stand for your local environment.

This Thanksgiving, let’s all take a moment to step back from our current environmental challenges and remember why we are HCCA advocates in the first place. From our colorful mountain tops, to gold and glistening aspens, to rushing rivers—What are you thankful for? 

“This holiday season I am thankful for all of our generous and engaged members. I am also thankful for our country’s intact public lands and wild places.”-Brett Henderson, Executive Director

“I’m thankful for the waters that originate as snowpack on Red Lady and form a part of the mighty Colorado River. I’m grateful for the company of two Red Ladies and lifelong companions as those waters carried me through the Grand Canyon.”-Julie Nania, Water Program Director

“I am thankful for wild lands, wild waters and the wild creatures (human and non-human) that depend on them. I give thanks for public lands, may they forever remain public!”-Matt Reed, Public Lands Program Director

“I’m thankful for our surrounding wild places that bring me peace, comfort, and inspiration. I’m thankful for our passionate community that is willing to stand up to protect these incredible places.”-Mel Yemma, Outreach Director

From all of us at HCCA, thank you for your passion and for having a strong voice in the future of our local environment. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!