High Country Conservation Advocates (HCCA) is excited to announce a program restructuring that will enable greater advocacy and effectiveness for Gunnison County’s wildlife, waters and environment. Alli Melton, HCCA’s Public Lands Director since 2013, is now exclusively HCCA’s Red Lady Program Director and Matt Reed is HCCA’s new Public Lands Director. This restructuring increases HCCA’s capacity to achieve our long-term goals of a permanent solution that ends the threat of industrial molybdenum mining on Mount Emmons, or “Red Lady,” while also protecting and defending the best of Gunnison County and surrounding public lands now and for future generations.

Recently rejoining HCCA, Matt Reed is no stranger to Gunnison County. Matt held HCCA’s Public Lands Director position from 2010-2013 and has been providing additional hands-on-deck for HCCA’s Public Lands program over the last year. Matt is a 2000 graduate of Gunnison High School and a 2009 graduate of Pace Law School, where he focused on environmental law and policy. Matt is a committed advocate for the public lands of Gunnison County and the Upper Gunnison River watershed, and looks forward to re-engaging with the community on sustainable energy development, recreation management, roadless and wilderness advocacy, wildlife, forest health and other critical public lands issues.

You can reach Matt at (303) 505-9917, or matt@hccacb.org and Alli at (970) 349-7104, ext. 2, or alli@hccacb.org. You can meet them both in person, along with the rest of HCCA’s staff, at the 39th Annual Red Lady Salvation Ball on March 12th at the Eldo. More information on HCCA’s important conservation work, the upcoming Ball, and other events can be found at here.