New HCCA Banner


Dear Members, 


Since 1977, High Country Citizens’ Alliance has been serving the community in the name of conservation of our precious environment. Those who know our work understand its essence and importance, but our name hasn’t quite conveyed the all-inclusive concept of “conservation” that describes our mission, nor the advocacy role that we play in numerous arenas.


Given that our efforts are to protect water sources, ensure sound management of public lands, and defend wildlife and these majestic mountains, we now feel the need to define and emphasize our job description in our name.


For this reason, this organization will be making a simple change to its name, one that reflects its dedication to the protection of Gunnison County and beyond. We’ll still be HCCA, but HCCA will now be known as High Country Conservation Advocates.


The board and staff of HCCA feel that this is a positive step for us to take. It will allow people to know at a glance what we’re about and enable us to accomplish our goals with greater efficacy.


In addition, we now have a new website at, so please visit there to see the latest information on our conservation work. Thank you once again for supporting your local advocacy organization, protecting why you love it here since 1977.




-The Board and Staff of High Country Conservation Advocates (HCCA)