On June 18th, as part of the Western State Colorado University’s 34th Annual Water Workshop, HCCA Water Director, Jen Bock and Communication Coordinator, Cassidy Tawse-Garcia, spoke in front of the Colorado Legislative Water Resource Review Committee on the importance of protecting to Gunnison River in the upcoming 2015 Statewide Water Plan. Bock and Tawse-Garcia stressed the importance of a vibrant river for our valley’s ecosystems and economy.

Over the past year at Outreach Events, HCCA has collected public comment cards from Valley residents and visitors, each describing why the Gunnison River is important to them. In total, HCCA collected 400 comment cards. The card responses ranged greatly, but a few words stuck out again and again: Protect my HOME, CLEAN DRINKING WATER, PARADISE AND WAY OF LIFE. It was clear that the Gunnison Valley understands the value of high quality and vibrant instream flows in our watershed.

By presenting these comment cards to Gov. Hickenlooper and the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), we are allowing the voices of the community to be heard on a state level, in a particularly important time for the future of Colorado Water Law.

See a copy of the letter we presented the Committee below. For more information on the Colorado Water Plan, and to share your voice, visit: http://www.coloradowaterplan.com/

letter to rep. fischer