On Monday, December 7, 2015, HCCA submitted scoping comments to the Forest Service regarding CBMR’s Teo Drainage and Summer Use Improvements proposal. The comments commended the open process CBMR has taken with this proposal, CBMR’s identification of expansion potential on Crested Butte Mountain, CBMR’s care and thoughtfulness in placement of on-the-ground features, as well as keeping its proposed summer expansion features within the existing permit boundary.

HCCA noted how CBMR’s up-front approach to discussing the proposal has been valuable to better understanding the proposal and thanked them for doing this.The letter also expressed HCCA’s hope to continue working with CBMR and the Forest Service on this proposal so the end result would successfully balance potential environmental issues while realizing CBMR’s desire to meet guest expectations by providing appropriate ski terrain, chairlifts, and enhancing summer activities at the resort.

The letter enumerated information that would be necessary to achieve this result for all the proposed actions, from big game timing stipulations to disclosure and analysis of whether and how the proposed snowmaking may affect the East River and its fisheries. HCCA is looking forward to reviewing the EIS and continuing to work with CBMR in the interim to progress toward a final plan that balances the environment and CBMR’s desire to meet guest expectations.

We will keep you apprised of this proposal as it moves forward.