HCCA Internship Position(s):


High Country Citizens Alliance is seeking to fill one to two internship positions, taking place from May through September 2014. The internship(s) would have a water-policy and outreach focus. The candidate would work under the Outreach Director, as an on-the-ground resource for HCCA, promoting HCCA’s mission in the Gunnison Valley. The one (or two) internships cover two different time periods, providing for one student seeking 6 hours of internship credit or two students seeking 3 hours each. The internship schedule and duties would include, but not be limited to, the following:


May 1 – June 30, 2014:

The primary duties of this intern would be to coordinate HCCA’s involvement in the Gunnison River Festival, as well as execute a grassroots outreach effort to get people involved in the Colorado Water Plan planning process. Thirdly, to plan for further outreach in Gunnison in summer 2014. The intern would work with the Outreach Director to determine HCCA’s sponsorship role at the River Festival. Then the intern would execute the details involved with being a part of the River Festival. This would include material collection, volunteer recruitment, Set-up and presence at the festival, and attending planning meetings leading up to the event. HCCA’s involvement in the Festival would have an educational component and perhaps involve children. In terms of the work on the Colorado Water Plan, the candidate would assist in completing an outreach effort to inform Governor Hickenlooper of Gunnison County Citizens desire to protect our waters. This means an ideal candidate would be passionate about local water issues, creative and interested in pursuing hands-on activities for adults/children, and highly organized and outgoing. The internship would continue through June 2014, so there is time to review the work on the festival, and finish out the internship.


July 1st – September 30th:

The primary duties of this intern would be to help execute a grassroots policy campaign via outreach throughout the Gunnison Valley on HCCA’s behalf. This intern’s duties would primarily fall within the Water Program; the goal being to educate citizens on the Statewide Colorado Water Plan, and further dialogue with key audiences on Water quality and quantity issues in the Upper Gunnison River Basin. The ideal candidate for this position would be an environmental studies major with a keen interest in water policy, who is outgoing and well organized. This intern would attend various summer events on behalf of HCCA, including Gunnison Farmers Market, Crested Butte Farmers Market, The Arts Fair, the Western New Student Fair, People’s Fair and others. This work would be done under the direction of the Outreach Director. Additionally the candidate would assist the Outreach Director in executing the 2nd Annual World Water Week community picnic in the first week of September 2014. This position can be as focused on policy work as the candidate desires, but requires a general understanding of water issues going into the position, and an ability to work successfully independently.


The internship(s) would be for credit, and would be approximately 8-10 hours of work per week (more so in weeks where there are events).


To apply, please send a resume and short cover letter to HCCA Outreach Director, Cassidy Tawse-Garcia at Cassidy@hccaonline.org. Applications are due no later than April 16th at 5 p.m.