On January 27th, High Country Conservation Advocates submitted formal recommendations to the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) urging the CWCB to appropriate additional instream flow protections on Brush Creek and Coal Creek.  Brush Creek has important breeding Colorado Cutthroat populations and is a favorite fly-fishing destination for locals and visitors alike. Expanded flow protections on Coal Creek will contribute to protecting our healthy brook and brown trout fishery and thriving riparian ecosystem.

The proposed instream flow on Brush Creek will ensure that spring, summer, and fall flows can support breeding populations of Colorado cutthroat trout. Additionally, Brush Creek is a popular location for local fly-fishing companies to take customers on guided fly-fishing excursions. The health of our ecosystems and local businesses is tied to the health of our local waters, including Brush Creek.

By preserving the natural environment of Coal Creek, we are preserving the well-being of our local community, ecosystem, and economy. The proposed instream flow protections on Coal Creek would protect the creek’s aquatic environment and help to maintain the creek’s robust riparian ecosystem, which is essential for dissipating flood energy while filtering sediment and pollution from our town’s water supply.

During the rest of 2016 we’ll be gathering support for these recommendations and working with local stakeholders and the CWCB to conduct outreach.

You can see the actual proposals here.

Sign our letters of support for Coal Creek and Brush Creek.