Public comments on the North Fork Mancos Master Development Plan (NFMMDP) are due March 22! Please tell the BLM that the special public lands in the crosshairs of this proposal are no place for industrial natural gas development.

Gunnison Energy has proposed a 35-well project in northern Gunnison County, an ecologically diverse landscape rich in wildlife, hunting and fishing. The project location is also directly west of the proposed 146-gas well Bull Mountain Development. Gunnison Energy hopes to extract 700 billion cubic feet of natural gas over the proposed 30-year lifespan of the project. But that’s just the first phase of development in the NFMMDP area. The proposal also envisions a second phase for a total development of 13 well pads. This could result in up to 108 gas wells! However, no information is contained in Gunnison Energy’s proposal about this second phase and it is not part of the current environmental review. This piecemeal approach to natural gas expansion in Gunnison County compromises accurate analysis and shortchanges the people and wildlife that depend upon this landscape. In short, the NFMMDP is just one of a multitude of active and proposed dirty fossil fuel projects in this part of Gunnison County, directly upstream from the farms, orchards and vineyards of the North Fork Valley. Is that the future you want for Gunnison County?

What Impacts Would the NFMMDP Have?
• Wildlife Habitat – The NFMMDP is in the heart of Game Unit 521, and home to fragile populations of elk, mule deer, and other wildlife.
• Watershed Health – Creeks that feed into the North Fork of the Gunnison River are at risk. This watershed supports some of the North Fork Valley’s most important irrigation sources and organic agriculture.
• Recreation – Expansion of gas development in the Upper North Fork could impact hunting and camping, and could negatively affect enjoyment of the planned Carbondale-to-Crested Butte Trail by worsening air quality and affecting the McClure Pass viewshed.
• Geology – This project is being proposed in a geologically unstable area directly upstream from the orchards, farms and vineyards of the North Fork Valley.
• Cumulative Impacts – This project is adjacent to the proposed 146-well Bull Mountain Master Development Plan, and is only the first phase of a planned 13-pad development in the NFMMDP area. It also is close to the recently approved 20,000-acre North Fork Coal Area.

Please write to the BLM today and request that the agency consider the cumulative impacts of this proposal and all reasonably foreseeable development in an Environmental Impact Statement. In addition, please note any specific concerns you have about the project location, downstream impacts, and other issues. Email comments to

Thank you for demanding a culture of stewardship and a sustainable future for Gunnison County!