Several local businesses owners in Crested Butte have expressed their support for our instream flow proposals on Coal Creek. From being the source of our drinking water, to providing a beautiful natural environment in town, the flows in Coal Creek are important to our community and economy. Take a look at why these business owners support instream flows:

 “We live at the headwaters of Coal Creek up at Lake Irwin. We also get to further enjoy the creek when it runs behind our business in the Town of Crested Butte. The creek’s natural environment helps my business by drawing visitors to Elk Avenue and our brewery. Visitors are drawn to Crested Butte to enjoy our numerous recreation opportunities, and many visitors find their way to the Eldo deck after a great day fishing on our beautiful rivers. We understand that healthy headwaters lead to a healthy economy in Colorado, and we believe in supporting work that preserves our rivers and creeks for generations to come.”
–Lexy and Karl Plambek, The Eldo Brewery


“Coal Creek flows alongside Coal Creek Grill and the Forest Queen Hotel. The flows in Coal Creek and the creek’s natural environmental help my business by attracting customers to my restaurant. Coal Creek also draws visitors and improves the aesthetics of our town as it winds its way through Crested Butte. Not only do our mountain rivers and streams provide the source of our food, they are also the source of our tourism industry, both of which support a strong Colorado economy.  It is important that, together, we support preserving the source of everything that makes Colorado the great place that it is.”
–Douglas Dodd, Coal Creek Grill
“My business is dependent on the healthy flow of Coal Creek because our overall water quality depends on it.  We need healthy and consistent water flow from Coal Creek for our drinking water.  It is also essential for cleaning our vegetables and greens so that we can offer the freshest and healthiest product to our customers and the people of Crested Butte.”–Kevin Hartigan, The Last Steep Bar and Grill


Are you a local business owner who would like to show your support to protect our local streams? If so, please contact Mel Yemma, HCCA Outreach Director, at or (970) 349-7104 ext. 5 to find out how.