Stranger to the Woods (Children’s Book)




High Country Conservation Advocates (HCCA) is very pleased to announce the release of Stranger to the Woods, a children’s book written by board member Sue Navy with beautiful color illustrations by local artist Suzanne Pierson.

Stranger to the Woods was first written in 1960, when Sue was in sixth grade, and recently revised and illustrated for publication. It will appeal to the child in all of us, and to our children and grandchildren. Living in Crested Butte since 1971, Sue has long been an environmental voice in Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley. She hopes that Stranger to the Woods will inspire a love of nature in young readers.

In Stranger to the Woods, a classic story of search, hope and fulfillment, Runaround, a puppy living in the Fun-Filled Forest, finds himself “lost” in the Deep Dark Woods. As his caring parents and community of creatures devote themselves to searching for him, we see how his unpredictable escapade provides an opportunity for appreciation of the needs of others, regardless of their differences. All ends well, with a twist no one could foresee.