For the first time ever, the owner of all the mineral properties on Red Lady has stated its intent to dispose of these interests, which is a critical step for ending the mine threat to Red Lady.  A framework has also been set for moving us ever closer to a permanent and protective solution for our watershed and Red Lady. We, along with the Town, County, and others, still have much hard work ahead, for the devil’s always in the details.  Yet, these developments mean we’re closer than ever to two of HCCA’s longstanding goals:
(1) ensuring Coal Creek’s water quality is protected, and (2) a permanently mine-free Red Lady.

Together, we’ve defended Red Lady from multiple mine proposals and companies, keeping her molybdenum mine-free.  And now, we have the opportunity to end the threat of mining Red Lady once and for all, together.

With your support, we will continue our role as Red Lady’s guardian, roll up our sleeves, dive into the details, and work with all those involved to secure a long-term, sustainable, and protective solution for our watershed and Red Lady. Read more

Our Red Lady work is strictly donor-funded.  A tax-deductible contribution to our Red Lady Defense Fund guarantees 100% of your donation goes to this campaign.  Your generous support is critical for seizing this opportunity to end the mine threat to Red Lady forever.

We’re closer than ever to protecting Coal Creek and securing a forever mine-free Red Lady.  Now, more than ever, we need your continued support to reach our $50,000 fundraising goal to see this through.

Please donate today and together we’ll protect our watershed and permanently protect our sacred Red Lady. Click here to donate now!