Join us for our winter installation of the Environmental Possibilities Series on select Sundays throughout the winter at The Guild, in Crested Butte. Learn more at these FREE presentations and inspired discussions which are brought to you ​in collaboration from High Country Conservation Advocates and Western State Colorado University. 

On January 24th, Brian Bernhardt will present “Keeping It In The Ground: Lessons from Contemporary Indigenous Resistance”. Brian Bernhardt is an Assistant Professor of Politics and Government at Western State Colorado University. His research and teaching interests include anti-authoritarian social movements, contemporary democratic theory, environmental politics, and political economy.  In his presentation, Brian will survey contemporary resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure while highlighting the voices and actions of indigenous people. This presentation will ask: What can be learned from indigenous resistance movements about strategies, tactics and visions, and how do these examples challenge what is generally considered reasonable or possible?

Join us at 5:00pm on January 24th at the Guild to learn more.

Stay tuned for our additional winter presentations. On February 21st, Tom Grant will present “Managing the Commons in an Era of Rapid Change and Degradation”. And on March 20th, Luke Danielson will present “Sustainable Development in the 21st Century”.