Update on Proposed Flowback/Produced Water Pits in the North Fork

Friday February 20, 2015 the Gunnison County Planning Commission will likely make a decision on whether to approve, approve with conditions, or deny an Application submitted by Gunnison Energy Corp. for three flowback/produced water pits that would be built only 2.5 miles up-stream from the Paonia Reservoir. An outpouring of comments during public comment periods pointed out the piecemeal approach being used to review natural gas proposals in the north-western part of the County. The Commission received over 65 public comments and provided the public with additional public comment opportunities on the proposed pits.


We thank everyone who voiced their concerns and pointed out that if extractive industrialization in the North Fork occurs, it has to be done in a well-planned and thought-out manner to prevent jeopardizing other uses and down-stream communities that rely on clean water and air.


For more information contact Alli Melton, Public Lands Director at alli@hccaonline.org or at 970.349.7104 ext. 2.