Letter of Support for Instream Flow on Coal Creek

Dear Colorado Water Conservation Board Members,

As citizens of the Upper Gunnison River Basin we support High Country Conservation Advocates and American Rivers’ recommendation that the Colorado Water Conservation Board appropriate additional instream flows on Coal Creek, Water Division 4. By preserving the natural environment of Coal Creek, we are preserving the well-being of our local community, ecosystem, and economy.

The proposed instream flow protections on Coal Creek would protect the Coal Creek aquatic environment and help to maintain the creek’s robust riparian ecosystem, which is essential for dissipating flood energy while filtering sediment and pollution from our town’s water supply.

Colorado state policy states that “the wildlife and their environment are to be protected, preserved, enhanced, and managed for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the people of this state and its visitors…” This instream flow would further this important policy, as our businesses, community, and livelihoods are reliant on a healthy Coal Creek.

Thank you for supporting healthy rivers and streams in the Gunnison Basin.