Water Efficiency Projects

Smart water management involves using our water resources in an efficient manner while conserving water when possible. HCCA helps to secure funding for projects that improve riparian and stream habitat while ensuring that other water users can continue to meet their needs. We’ve worked with local partners on headgate restorations, ditch piping and efficiency planning efforts to meet community needs while enhancing stream health.

Our most recent water efficiency project was piping the McCormick Ditch from 6th to 7th street in the town of Crested Butte. HCCA’s role in the proposed project included assisting the Town to secure the final funding necessary by writing grants and developing the project to make this project possible. The reconstruction of the McCormick Ditch diversion overall improved the efficiency for its agricultural and municipal users and eliminated the need for yearly maintenance. The project also benefits non-consumptive uses by lessening the impact of the diversion on the natural flows of Coal Creek and rehabilitating the creek for habitat and as a recreational amenity within the Town of Crested Butte.
Check back for updates on upcoming water efficiency and conservation projects that we are working on